About Treezy Lures

About my Glass Lures

All of my lures are handmade out of borosilicate glass using only the finest American made materials and components. Each lure is tediously crafted by myself on a flame working torch with a temperature reaching up to 8000 degrees. 

Wahoo Lures

Treezy Wahoo Lures are best fished on a heavy weight rod (50W, 80W, Electric) with atleast 80lb test (Mono or Braid) with a 16-24oz trolling lead with a 25ft shock leader.

We have had the best luck trolling these wahoo lures at high speeds ranging between 12-22mph.

I highly recommend putting a piece of shrink wrap or electrical tape over the crimp connection from the cable leader to the hookset. This will help prevent the part of the hookset that comes in contact with the lure from causing any damage to the glass.

Limited 1 Year Warranty

At this time I will be offering a 1 year warranty on all of my lures. To register your lure, take a picture of it and email it to treezylures@gmail.com along with your name, phone number and date of purchase.